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People Made of Awesome

These are some amazing people who have shared their talent with me for some behind-the-scenes stuff that is so important when promoting a book.

Web Designer of Awesome !!

Enormous thanks to Barbara Aeschliman at Jaleroro Webdesigns who designed this bright and beautiful website!

Barb is equal parts artist, technical genius and mind reader since I had no idea what I wanted beyond, ďI like pretty colors!Ē And since Barb is a fellow writer (and founder of Face the Page) she knew just what I needed to include!

Photographer of Awesome !

I hate to have my picture taken! When my agent and editor asked for an author photo, I panicked.

I was tempted to use the last photo taken of me that I actually like, but I didnít think I could get away with that.

Gina as a child

See how cute I looked?

Gina having some coffee

It was all downhill from there.

Marc Nozell, accepted the challenge of making me look good and graciously offered to schlep all of his equipment out to Purgatory Falls in Milford, NH on a chilly morning to shoot my author photos. He did it!!

We got lots of good photos that I actually like and they are up on my website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads.

Gina next to Purgatory Falls in Milford, NH

Thank you, Marc Nozell, photographer Extraordinare!!!!

Artist of Awesome!

I wanted something special for giveaways, and I love to play with beads, so I thought. . .Iíll make really fancy bookmarks!

I poked around on Etsy and found some gorgeous beads and buttons made by Rebecca McGlynn, owner of 3 Muses Glass.

I contacted her and asked if she could create some beads in the colors of sunrise, and they are amazing!! Here are some of the borosilicate glass beads Rebecca made ~

An example of beads from 3 Muses Glass

I love these!!! If I were the sunrise, I would be jealous!!
Here are a few more:

An example of beads from 3 Muses Glass

Bounce on over to her Etsy shop to see whatís new.

Photos by Marc Nozell

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