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Discussion Questions

  1. Anna has the experience of seeing her body move and speak when she is not in it. How do you think an experience like this would make you feel?

  2. Why do you think Anna's mother tolerates the way Anna's father behaves?

  3. Taylor changes Anna's body while she inhabits it (tattoos, piercings, etc.) But how do you think being in a different body changes who Taylor is?

  4. Seth did nothing illegal, but he ran away. How would you have explained yourself to the police if you were Seth? On the other hand, Rei did something illegal and dangerous to help Anna get her body back. Can you ever justify breaking the law to help a friend?

  5. Rei doesn't like it when Anna astrally projects out of her body. Why do you think he's so opposed to her behavior? Is he right or should Anna continue leaving her body?

  6. Yumi isn't happy with some of Rei's choices. As his mother, do you think she is justified to tell him who he can and can't date? Why?

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